Hello, Tom Ward here in my role as man of 1,000 voices…

In fact it’s closer to 2,000 (I counted only this morning). So if you need serious and sincere – I’m your man. If you need ‘SALE MADNESS!’ – I’m your man. If you need smooth and silky – I’m your man…If you need a particularly husky woman…I’m your woman.

I’m currently narrating ‘Abandoned Engineering’ for Yesterday TV which is going into its 6th series and was nominated for ‘Best International Show’ at The National Reality TV Awards 2019. I’ve also done multiple documentaries for Channel 5, ads for Tesco, Waitrose and Marvel as well as internal videos for businesses and charities. 

With nine years voice experience and many more producing short films, performing comedy and studying improvisation I am fully armed to produce the voice you need – be it an advert, trailer, documentary, educational program, web tutorial or anywhere else that a voice can be heard. 

I’m based in London and happy to head to a studio or record from home.

I am represented by Harvey Voices.


Marvel Comics


Discovery Channel

Channel 5




Harper Collins

British Association of Social Workers

Pearson Italia



Maldives Tourist Board