Hello, Tom here. Now, let’s be very clear about this – comedy is my one true love. Yes I narrate TV documentaries sometimes, yes I am going to be a dad soon, and yes I’m in love with my girlfriend. BUT comedy is my wife. So if you want the real me, the proper me,
the only me that counts, come see me live.

In the last couple of years I’ve done Live at The Apollo and QI. It has changed me – I’ve started being more rude with staff at restaurants (without apologizing publicly afterwards) and it feels terrific

In September 2024 I will be embarking on my second tour of the UK and some dates in Ireland too. Stay tuned!
All of these will be in my Gigs list and also here:

Hope you can make it! The reviews for the last one were highly encouraging.

“Hits the millennial sweet spot” **** Metro
“Inventive, imaginative…Like a post-rave Mickey Flanaghan” **** Beyond The Joke 
“Packed with first rate gags, impressions and absurdist humour” **** Broadway Baby
“Big laughs” ****½  One4Review
Imaginative, mischievous, and yet gleefully authentic” **** The Student

I am represented by Hollie at Ebdon Management: / 


Time Out

“Fine jokes and star presence: he’s a star in the making”

The Herald

“Staggeringly Impressive” *****

The List

“Inspired Whimsy” ****


“Always keeps you guessing”

London is Funny - Bruce Dessau

“Ward’s got that certain something…and is definitely someone to look out for.”

Bruce Dessau (Evening Standard & Beyond The Joke)

“He was amazingly assured, improvising with the audience when he spotted a man who was maybe too relaxed in the crowd. Ward was also not scared to vary the pace and cleverly worked in a pre-planned carpet ad spoof, complete with sound effects. There was certainly plenty of originality here, leading the crowd in one direction before taking sharp verbal detours.”