Hello, Tom here. Now let’s be very clear about this – comedy is my one true love. I leave my phone on at night in case she calls, and always take her back even though my friends warn me against her.

I recently did Live at The Apollo, which as you might imagine is a big deal for comedians. It was the greatest moment of my career and I may never be the same again. I’d love you to check that out on iPlayer and my other stuff on Youtube, then come see me live!

At the moment I’m getting ready to do my next solo show at festivals. It’s called ‘Return of The Love Machine’. It was due to come out in 2020 but we all know what happened there don’t we? Boo for the global cough.

I am represented by Hollie at Ebdon Management. 


Time Out

“Fine jokes and star presence: he’s a star in the making”

The Herald

“Staggeringly Impressive” *****

The List

“Inspired Whimsy” ****


“Always keeps you guessing”

London is Funny - Bruce Dessau

“Ward’s got that certain something…and is definitely someone to look out for.”

Bruce Dessau (Evening Standard & Beyond The Joke)

“He was amazingly assured, improvising with the audience when he spotted a man who was maybe too relaxed in the crowd. Ward was also not scared to vary the pace and cleverly worked in a pre-planned carpet ad spoof, complete with sound effects. There was certainly plenty of originality here, leading the crowd in one direction before taking sharp verbal detours.”