• Chortle Best Newcomer 2017
  • BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2014
  • Magners New Act of The Year 2015
  • Leicester Square New Comedian 2013
  • NATY 2014


  • "Fine jokes and star presence: he's a star in the making"
    Time Out
  • "Staggeringly Impressive" *****
    The Herald
  • "Inspired Whimsy" ****
    The List
  • "Always keeps you guessing"

Alright? Tom Ward here, stand up comedian. Comedy is my one true love – I leave my phone on at night in case she calls, and I’ll always take her back even though my friends warn me against her.

In August 2018 I took my third show to Edinburgh Festival (‘Popcorn Lung’). Got a 5* review (obviously).

My new podcast ‘People Talk’ came out at the same time, and it’s on Spotify and iTunes NOW!


Here’s some achievement related stuff ‘cos I know you people like that sort of thing…

In 2018/19 I hosted Lad Bible / Wrigley’s viral video series ‘In my personal space’ interviewing celebs.

In 2018 I was on Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’ and ‘Stand up Central’. That same year I was official tour support for Joe Lycett (off the telly).

In 2017 I won the Chortle Best Newcomer Award, which made me extraordinarily happy.

In 2016 I featured on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at the Comedy Store’, and BBC Worldwide’s ‘Live From The BBC’, as well as performing my first solo show at Edinburgh Festival – ‘Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes’ – at The Pleasance Courtyard.

You can watch the best of this hour as part of my Next Up Special here: https://nextupcomedy.com/tom/

You’ll find me doing spots in the clubs of London…The Comedy Store, Up The Creek, Off The Kerb, Top Secret, Backyard…as well as indie nights around the country.

I am represented by Christian Knowles at Bluebook Artist Management


  • "I WANT to live in Tom Ward's world forever. It's a magical, fuzzy-felt sort of place, even when it's taken up temporary residence in the sticky-floor scuzzy environs of an old-school comedy club. After last year's impressive debut, the hip-haired one is back to expand our minds and the audience chit-chat gets off to a flyer. A slightly stoned man in the front row is asked his name. "Phoenix," he replies. Of course it is. Bosh! Knocked it out the park! The omens are looking good. Like Hayley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense, Tom can see dead people. Well, not dead exactly, more settled down, middle-class, and suburban. His descriptions of mates who'll no longer go clubbing and his "3-for-2 at Waterstones" neighbours combine child-like honesty with achingly clever word-smithery. There are snort-out-loud sideways looks at sex, singledom, swearing and serial killers. Laughter levels are then cranked right up to 11 with a musical interlude. Pop tunes are the punctuation in Tom's life. Imagine if you will Prince as parenthesis, Fleetwood Mac as full stops. This man doesn't think outside the box - he is the box. Not just any old box mind, he's a beatbox. What a finish and what a unique and genuinely exciting talent".

    - The Herald
  • "He was amazingly assured, improvising with the audience when he spotted a man who was maybe too relaxed in the crowd. Ward was also not scared to vary the pace and cleverly worked in a pre-planned carpet ad spoof, complete with sound effects. There was certainly plenty of originality here, leading the crowd in one direction before taking sharp verbal detours."
    - Bruce Dessau (Evening Standard & Beyond The Joke)
  • "Ward’s got that certain something...and is definitely someone to look out for."
    - London is Funny - Bruce Dessau